1.  Spelt Porridge

For a power breakfast eat cooked cracked spelt porridge; this century old tradition is said to produce the Southern Germans' proverbial productivity and good humor.  This spelt breakfast provides the body with all essentials for a healthy life: vital protein, valuable carbohydrates, healthy fat, it is high in vitamins and especially high in minerals which protect our bodies from stress-caused over-acidity and infection. Spelt contains rhodanide, a natural growth stimulator, that regenerates nerve-, blood-, bone- and immune cells.

2. Spelt Coffee - an ideal coffee for the entire day

Spelt coffee is a mix of 80% brown and 20% black roasted spelt berries that may be enjoyed regularly for breakfast. Spelt coffee should be black and brewed like a Vienese "melange".

Roast spelt kernels in a clean fry pan without oil until brown. Remove 80 % of the kernels and continue roasting the rest until very dark. The resulting mixture is an excellent grain coffee. Brew 1 to 3 heaping Tbsp. in water until brown in color. Sieve and drink for breakfast to stimulate the bowel function. Add a few fresh spelt coffee kernels to the old kernels every day until they begin to fall apart. Then discard and begin anew.

3. Spelt Energie Cookies

Hildegard writes:
"These cookies take all the bitterness out of your heart and calm your nerves. They open your heart and your five senses, provide for a good mood and cleanse your senses; [they] reduce all bad juices, provide for good blood quality and make you productive and strong."

The cookies are an ideal remedy for nerves, to increase efficiency and support mental abilities, concentration, vitality and strengthening of the sense organs. They provide for a good mood eliminating gloominess and sadness.

4. Fleaseed (Psyllium) Cookies

These crunchy fleaseed cookies contain all necessary fibers for a good digestion.  With these valuable fiberous materials your intestinestays healthy and efficient.  The mild fleaseed slime protects your intestinal lining from injuries and cleans out disease-causing toxins. Fleaseeds with their slime properties cause bigger and better bowel movements, absorb acid from the gall bladder and lower high cholesterol levels.  In this way fleaseeds remove black bile and toxins which are often responsible for depression and sadness. They provide for a rapid passage of foodstuffs in the intestines and a fast excretion of carcinogenics with every bowel movement.

5. Fennel Spice Mixture

This universal remedy is good for the maintenance and restoration of health.  It provides a nice skin color and natural digestion, improves the metabolism and circulation and aids recovery after diseases and operations.  Fennel spice mixture is exceptional for the treatment of excessive perspiration, always a sign of an unbalanced health.  It protects against angina, heart attack, "manager syndrome" and hardening of the arteries.

6. Pelargonia Spice Mixture

Protect yourself from colds and their consequences with nature's own infection defense remedy, pelargonia spice mixture.  These healing plants strengthen the body's immunic system, when it is fighting viruses and bacteria and rid the body of the congestion often found in colds.

7. Parsley Wine

Parsley wine is a universal remedy against cardiac insufficiency, heart failure, poor circulation, weakness, stress-based nervous  heart pain, valve defects and for the detoxification after viral infections in combination with p spice mix.  The drink improves and strenghtens health and well being, therefore you may offer it to your friends as a tasty aperitif.  Parsley wine was the first Hildegard remedy, which Dr. Hertzka (the founder of Hildegard medicine) commissioned the "Rathaus" pharmacy in Constance, Germany, to produce in large quantities.  Since then and because of its beneficial effect for the heart and circulation this drink has begun a triumphal procession around the world.

8.Galangal Root Powder

Galangal is a hot universal spice from the root of a plant related to ginger.  It improves the blood supply of the heart and the circulatory system, stimulates digestion, and helps against a lack of appetite and gas.  Galangal should be your constant companion for reliable protection from heart pain, heart insufficiency and dizziness.  Over 20,000 people, who have been helped by Galangal in difficult situations, confirm that Galangal is the best remedy to protect them from heart attacks, strokes and sudden hearing loss.  Galangal, the unleashed elemental force from Asia, also protects effectively against circulatory collapse, travel sickness and extreme fatigue.  Galangal should dissolve on the tongue, this is called the "tongue-heart reflex."  In this way it prevents a heart pain from developing into a heart attack.  Galangal is also an excellent treatment for strokes, gastrointestinal cramps (Roehmheld-syndrome), bad circulation, exhaustion, lack of appetite, bad digestion and for "manager syndrome."

9. Fennel Tablets

Fennel is a universal remedy which immediately helps halitosis, body odor, gas, heart burn, the digestion of fatty foods and helps the digestive system after dietary mistakes.  Fennel is one of the few 100% healthy types of vegetables which may even be eaten raw. Fennel cleans the intestines so that slackage may be expelled in a natural way.  Fennel tablets are the anti-acid treatment of Hildegard medicine and alleviate gastrointestinal pains, gastritis and ulcers.

10. Pellitory

is the spice against all infections. Pellitory or Anacyclus pyrethrum is a valuable spice on account of its ingredients anacylin and pyrethrin which provide a complete protection for our health. Pellitory causes optimal circulation of the entire body from head to toe and detoxifies the blood from poisonous and infection-causing substances. As a nerve tonic pellitory protects the brain from early dementia and improves brain capacity, memory and concentration, as well as intelligence.  Inside the intestines pellitory promotes an optimal intake of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and minerals into the blood, the so-called quick bio-availability.  Due to its anti- microbial, ant-viral and anti-parasitic effectivity pellitory plays an important role in the cure of and protection against infectious diseases and septic conditions of the blood.  The Belgian doctor Dr. Louis van Hecken reports on the effectiveness of pellitory in the fight against malaria and AIDS in Zambia, Central Africa, where recently a pellitory research project was founded to scientifically examine successful cases treated by pellitory.

11. Greekhay Spice Mixture

The combination of three popular oriental spices stimulates the nervous system with their aroma and taste, releasing enough digestive juices for an optimal digestion. Greekhay spice mixture strengthens the immunic sysstem, protects from weakness, stimulates the appetite and increases general well being.  Greekhay spice mixture, a universal remedy for the heart and circulation,  helps with heart weakness, heart insufficiency, shortness of breath and is suitable for the prevention of heart pain. Above all these spices are capable of improving the circulation of the heart muscle so perfectly that they prevent cardiac muscle weakness.  Cardiac muscle weakness is caused by self destruction of the heart muscle through stress-based fee radicals.  

12. Meum Pear Honey

Meum pear honey is the most important universal remedy for the intestinal tract which removes disesase-causing substances in the intestines and thus prevents disease.  Hildegard considers this meum pear honey to be more valuable than gold, for it cleans the gut from "mold and mildew".  It rids the intestines of candida,bacteria and toxines from the intestines that are responsible for triggering severe auto-immune sicknesses.  This "Hildegard gold" has been tested and proven successful in the regeneration of the intestinal flora in over 20.000 patients up to now. The rehabilitation success rate is 70 - 80 percent. The words  "mold and mildew" and their removal brought about the idea for treating yeast and "mold-" fungus infections of the intestines.  In cooperation with Dr. Ruediger Pohl of the microbiological-biochemical institute in Bad Saarow, Germany, we found a successful treatment for the revitalization of the intestines, which has proven to be most effective in the practical treatment of thousands of patients.

13. Vermouth Elixir

This universal remedy protects the body from hardening of the arteries. The bitter vermouth stimulates the secretion of the mucous membranes, moistening them and removing fatty deposits from the walls of the arteries as in artheriosclerosis.  It is recommended to be taken annually as a seasonal treatment from May to October. Vermouth elixir strengthens the immune system, prevents gastro-intestinal ailments and improves digestion by stimulating saliva and stomach acid production. In the old days vermouth was the preferred drink of artists and vagabonds, because it removes black bile and gives a good mood.  Friends of vermouth report that this treatment helps them get through the cold winter months better and they are less susceptible to colds.  Vermouth mobilizes the immune system and encourages the recovery from diseases, which is why Hildegard praises it as the treatment against all exhaustion.

14. Duckweed Elixir

Duckweed elixir is a universal remedy to normalize the body's own immune defense system and to protect one from the almost 20,000 auto-aggression diseases including cancer and rheumatism.  Usually these sicknesses are felt many years before outbreak by characteristic symptoms such as an extreme immunic weakness, heart pain, recurring colds, stomach and intestinal problems and aches and pains everywhere.  Hildegard regards this condition as pre-cancer. 

15. Hart`s Tongue Fern Elixir

This is another universal remedy for all inner organs and for regulating disturbances in the hormonal system. With these herbs and spices and a good organic wine you can cook your own tasty elixir to activate and strengthen the function of your liver, lung and pancreas. In this way you can cleanse yourself of putrid fluids, slime and metabolic deposits and thus nurture the function of all organs.

16. Jasper Plate

The precious stone jasper is a universal remedy for the heart which also other pains.  It should be placed cold on the skin by the heart or whereever the pain is located. Because the vibrations of its crystal structure are very close to those of the human heart, the cold jasper plate can take away excess energy from an agitated heart, becoming very warm in the process, and thereby can calm the nervous heart.  It is best to remove the jasper and wait until it cools down before using it again.  In this way the jasper pace-maker can help rhythmic disturbances, a racing heart as well as rheumatic heart pain.  Other pains such as headaches, trigeminus pain, nerve pain, sciatic and other back pains are also relieved by the jasper.  And as if that is not enough, the jasper can also help gout pain, can transform bad dreams, can sharpen the intellect and concentration skills and, when held in the hand, can ease the birth of a baby.

18. Spelt rice

cup spelt kernels
cups good water
salt, optional

Add spelt and water in a large sauce pan and heat until boiling. Simmer on very low heat, covered, for 30 minutes until liquid is absorbed. Serve in place of rice, pasta or potatoes. Add to pancake batter or other dishes. Use cold in salads and desserts. Serves 4.

Spelt rice, Risotto

cup spelt kernels
chopped onion
Tbsp. cold-pressed sunflower oil
cups water or chicken broth

Saute onion in oil until glassy. Add kernels and fry with onions. Add liquid and simmer, stirring occasionally, until liquid is absorbed. Variations: add chopped green peppers, celery and/or tomatoes to taste.

17. Spelt muffins

2 1/4 cups of spelt flour, fine or coarse in any combination
1/4 cup brown sugar or honey
1 Tbsp. baking powder without aluminum
1/2 or less tsp. salt
1 1/4 cups milk
3 eggs, beaten
Tbsp. cold-pressed sunflower oil

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Grease and flour 12 muffin cups. Combine all dry ingredients. Add milk, eggs and oil and mix until moistened. Fill muffin cups 2/3 full with batter and bake for 17 minutes, or until brown. Variations: add 1/2 cup chopped almonds or 1/2 cup chopped dates or raisins to batter before baking.

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