10. Pellitory

is the spice against all infections. Pellitory or Anacyclus pyrethrum is a valuable spice on account of its ingredients anacylin and pyrethrin which provide a complete protection for our health. Pellitory causes optimal circulation of the entire body from head to toe and detoxifies the blood from poisonous and infection-causing substances. As a nerve tonic pellitory protects the brain from early dementia and improves brain capacity, memory and concentration, as well as intelligence.  Inside the intestines pellitory promotes an optimal intake of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and minerals into the blood, the so-called quick bio-availability.  Due to its anti- microbial, ant-viral and anti-parasitic effectivity pellitory plays an important role in the cure of and protection against infectious diseases and septic conditions of the blood.  The Belgian doctor Dr. Louis van Hecken reports on the effectiveness of pellitory in the fight against malaria and AIDS in Zambia, Central Africa, where recently a pellitory research project was founded to scientifically examine successful cases treated by pellitory.

Hildegard writes:
"Pellitory has moderate and dry warmth and because of this has a good balance of great purity and strong healing power for all diseases."
 "It is good forhealthy people, because in case of infection it decreases decaying substances (such as viral toxins, bacteria, candida, and poisons) and builds good blood."
"It improves human intellect and inteligence capacity (against dementia and Alzheimer)."
"It regenerates the strength of a sick person whose health has deteriorated and who has lost weight (infections, cancer)."
"It provides for a good digestion and leaves nothing undigested," (good bio-availability and absorbility of nutrients for dysepsie)
"Eaten daily, it reduces congestion in the head."
"Eaten daly, it cures pneunomia."
"Cleans and clears the eyes." (cataracts, eye weakness)
"Dry or cooked as a spice, it is beneficial and good for healthy and sick persons."
"Pellitory, eaten daily, eliminates and prevents diseases."
"It increases moisture and saliva in the mouth, lets bad juices leave the body and welcomes health to come back." 

2 - 4 times daily 1/4 tsp.     Dosage 1 - 2 grams daily

Case study
A malaria sufferer writes: "My name is Boston and I was healthy until I was 27 years old.  In the year 2000 I fell terribly sick with an infectious disease, fever spells, terrible pain, severe weight loss and general weakness, which lasted for 3 years.  The doctors had given up on me. Then I met Dr. van Hecken who gave me pellitory.  In very little time I responded to the pellitory, felt better and regained my health.  Other patients were also helped with pellitory."

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