4. Fleaseed (Psyllium) Cookies

These crunchy fleaseed cookies contain all necessary fibers for a good digestion.  With these valuable fiberous materials your intestinestays healthy and efficient.  The mild fleaseed slime protects your intestinal lining from injuries and cleans out disease-causing toxins. Fleaseeds with their slime properties cause bigger and better bowel movements, absorb acid from the gall bladder and lower high cholesterol levels.  In this way fleaseeds remove black bile and toxins which are often responsible for depression and sadness. They provide for a rapid passage of foodstuffs in the intestines and a fast excretion of carcinogenics with every bowel movement.


 Hildegard writes about fleaseeds or Psyllium:
„They bring joy into a troubled heart and make us happy.  They help the nervous system to good health and strengthen the nerves. They procure cheerful spirits by virtue of a good digestion and fortify the health of the mind with their harmonizing effect."


about 1,1 gr. Fleaseeds per cookie, raw sugar, sunflower oil, eggs, quince jelly, spelt flour, spelt flakes, baking powder, orange peel, lemon peel, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg


Adults: 3-4 cookies a day with a half a quart fluid, before or after meals.

Children: 1-2 cookies a day with a cup of liquid before or after meals. 


Please keep away from children.  In case of overdose or sensitivity, please seek the care of a physician.  Fleaseeds should not be taken for stomach-ache, nausea or vomiting or for constipation lasting more than 2 weeks.  The cookies must be eaten together with the prescribed amount of liquid to prevent difficulties swallowing as well as a blockage of the digestive tract.  When eaten this way, there have been no observed side effects.  If taken with medication the cookies should be consumed 2 hours before or after the medication.

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