5. Fennel Spice Mixture

This universal remedy is good for the maintenance and restoration of health.  It provides a nice skin color and natural digestion, improves the metabolism and circulation and aids recovery after diseases and operations.  Fennel spice mixture is exceptional for the treatment of excessive perspiration, always a sign of an unbalanced health.  It protects against angina, heart attack, "manager syndrome" and hardening of the arteries.

Hildegard writes:
"A little while after the meal (lunch) add this powder mixture to warm wine (i.e. parsley wine) and drink it.  This powder maintains health for the healthy, the sick are made strong and resistant with a good digestion.  One gains strength and the skin gets a healthy glow. Taken in this way it helps every person, whether healthy or sick."

This fennel spice mixture has been proven a remarkable help for digestion and successful as a general health remedy.  The fennel spice mixture improves metabolism and digestion.  It stabilizes circulation and prevents hardening of the arteries.  This mixture is especially helpful for rehabilitation after diseases or operations and for outbreaks of sweat.  Sweat, especially night sweat, is usually a sign for disease.  Fennel spice mixture is good for almost everything and therefore is considered a universal remedy particularly for stressed managers.

One ingredient in this mixture is burning bush which opens up constricted arteries and is humorously referred to as a "pipe cleaner".  Hildegard writes that the development of stones is caused by unhealthy fats and can result in heart pain.  It is generally known that a high cholesterol level and trans-fats, like in most margarines, cause hardening of the arteries.  Heart pain which results from this hardening is removed through burning bush or Dittany, for "diptam has great power against hardening."


Fennel,  Galangal,  Burning bush,  Hawkweed


After the main meal 2 - 3 dashes in a shot glass (20 ml) of warm wine, i.e. parsley wine.

In Hildegard medicine fennel is the universal spice for good digestion, a carminativum which frees the intestine and the blood inside of the intestine from roughage and decay.  About Hawkweed Hildegard writes that it strengthens the heart and eliminates bad juices.  In combination with the other spices Hawkweed helps protect the body from arteriosclerosis, heart attack and weakness of the heart.  Fennel spice mixture guards the body from free radicals.

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