12. Meum Pear Honey

Meum pear honey is the most important universal remedy for the intestinal tract which removes disesase-causing substances in the intestines and thus prevents disease.  Hildegard considers this meum pear honey to be more valuable than gold, for it cleans the gut from "mold and mildew".  It rids the intestines of candida,bacteria and toxines from the intestines that are responsible for triggering severe auto-immune sicknesses.  This "Hildegard gold" has been tested and proven successful in the regeneration of the intestinal flora in over 20.000 patients up to now. The rehabilitation success rate is 70 - 80 percent. The words  "mold and mildew" and their removal brought about the idea for treating yeast and "mold-" fungus infections of the intestines.  In cooperation with Dr. Ruediger Pohl of the microbiological-biochemical institute in Bad Saarow, Germany, we found a successful treatment for the revitalization of the intestines, which has proven to be most effective in the practical treatment of thousands of patients.

35 grams Meum spice,  28 grams Galangal root,  22 grams licorice root,  15 grams savory

12 cooked pears (throw out the cooking water!)  Add 1 cooked quince for flavor, if you like.  Blend and cook 8 Tbsp. skimmed honey (see below) and 100 gr. 
Meum powder to a smooth consistency like marmelade.  Bottle in sterile jars, freeze and use in small portions.
Always keep opened jar in the refrigerator.

Skimmed honey
Place one glass of honey into a pot of water.  Bring to a boil and stir honey with a fork, until no more foam (rests of wax, pollen) remains. Sieve out the remaining foam and discard 

Take Meum pear honey daily, by itself or spread on bread, for at least 4 weeks, dependent on age and weight, following these guide-lines:
1 Tbsp. before breakfast,
2 Tbsp. after lunch,
3 Tbsp. before going to bed.

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