16. Jasper Plate

The precious stone jasper is a universal remedy for the heart which also other pains.  It should be placed cold on the skin by the heart or whereever the pain is located. Because the vibrations of its crystal structure are very close to those of the human heart, the cold jasper plate can take away excess energy from an agitated heart, becoming very warm in the process, and thereby can calm the nervous heart.  It is best to remove the jasper and wait until it cools down before using it again.  In this way the jasper pace-maker can help rhythmic disturbances, a racing heart as well as rheumatic heart pain.  Other pains such as headaches, trigeminus pain, nerve pain, sciatic and other back pains are also relieved by the jasper.  And as if that is not enough, the jasper can also help gout pain, can transform bad dreams, can sharpen the intellect and concentration skills and, when held in the hand, can ease the birth of a baby.


 Hildegard writes:
„If there are bouts of pain in the heart or on any other parts of a person, place a jasper on this place and hold it there so that it gets warm and the pain will be relieved."

How does the jasper work?
The jasper, like all precious stones, has its own vibration which harmonizes with our nervous system and with the natural pace-maker center of the heart.  Psychological and environmental influences such as weather, stress, emotions and feelings can knock our normal heart frequence out of balance. Excitement and stress drives the heart faster, so that blood pressure and heart frequency can rise. The jasper, walking, praying and meditating allow peace and a psychological calmness to establish themselves and rid the body of stress.

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