2. Spelt Coffee - an ideal coffee for the entire day

Spelt coffee is a mix of 80% brown and 20% black roasted spelt berries that may be enjoyed regularly for breakfast. Spelt coffee should be black and brewed like a Vienese "melange".

Roast spelt kernels in a clean fry pan without oil until brown. Remove 80 % of the kernels and continue roasting the rest until very dark. The resulting mixture is an excellent grain coffee. Brew 1 to 3 heaping Tbsp. in water until brown in color. Sieve and drink for breakfast to stimulate the bowel function. Add a few fresh spelt coffee kernels to the old kernels every day until they begin to fall apart. Then discard and begin anew.


Regular coffee as well as instant coffee affects the body in negative ways. Coffee makes us dependent, unfree, addicted. Its over-stimulation undermines one's physical health causing
over-acidity with an undesirable irritation of the stomach, heart and gall bladder. Coffee also irritates the nervous system and produces stress as well as dehydrating the skin and fostering wrinkles. Spelt coffee, on the other hand, contains neither acidity nor caffein. Finish a meal by choosing a cup of spelt coffee as a healthy alternative to regular coffee.

Spelt coffee

On the 1st day boil 6-8 Tbsp. spelt coffee berries in 1 quart water for a good 10 minutes and strain. Keep the berries in the refrigerator and as dry as possible. This coffee will be very mild.

On the 2nd and 3rd days add fresh spelt berries to the ones from the day before. Boil again for 10 minutes and strain Keep the grains again. Now the coffee is much darker and on the 3rd day the coffee reaches its desired coloring.

On the 4th to 6th days the spelt berries (always mixed with fresh kernels) can be brewed again until the first kernels burst, at which time the kernels are thrown away and you start from the beginning.

This 6 day coffee ritual can be repeated as desired. Spelt coffee is not habit forming.

Spelt cappuccino

For special occasions or to finish a festive meal spelt coffee may be ground and brewed traditionally. Enjoy spelt cappuccino refined with cream and cocoa powder and later sleep wonderfully with no problems.

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