6. Pelargonia Spice Mixture

Protect yourself from colds and their consequences with nature's own infection defense remedy, pelargonia spice mixture.  These healing plants strengthen the body's immunic system, when it is fighting viruses and bacteria and rid the body of the congestion often found in colds.

Hildegard recommends it for flu and heart pain:
"If your heart hurts, eat this powder with a little salt on bread and you will feel better, because this is the best powder for the health of the heart."

... for colds and runny nose: "Inhale the powder into your nose and the cold will loosen up more easily and quickly disappear."

For preventing a cold or during a cold with runny nose, smell the powder and lick a little of it from the hand.  Do this several times a day up to 4 weeks.

... for coughs: "Whoever has a cold or a tightness of the chest, bake a pancake from a little water, spelt flour and this spice powder and bake it golden brown in a little butter.  Eaten often, before and after meals, both cough and the tightness of the chest will loosen up."  Stir 1/2 cup spelt flour, 1/2 cup of water and 5 dashes of pelargonia powder into a batter and fry pancakes in a little butter.

... for flu headaches: "Whoever has a headache should eat this powder with salt on bread or lick it from the hand and they will feel better." 1-3 dashes of pelargonia powder on spelt bread together with a sprinkle of salt helps immediately.

... for intestinal catarrh, overeating, gas, stomach cramps (Roemheld syndrome) "Whoever has a stomach or belly ache during a flu epidemic or has too much gas, should eat this powder with salt on spelt bread right away or lick it from the hand and they will feel better." Lick 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. from the hand or sprinkle on food.

Ingredients: Pelargonia,  pellitory,  nutmeg

Keep away from children.  Do not take if there are any allergies to any of the ingredients.  Side effects are not known.


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