11. Greekhay Spice Mixture

The combination of three popular oriental spices stimulates the nervous system with their aroma and taste, releasing enough digestive juices for an optimal digestion. Greekhay spice mixture strengthens the immunic sysstem, protects from weakness, stimulates the appetite and increases general well being.  Greekhay spice mixture, a universal remedy for the heart and circulation,  helps with heart weakness, heart insufficiency, shortness of breath and is suitable for the prevention of heart pain. Above all these spices are capable of improving the circulation of the heart muscle so perfectly that they prevent cardiac muscle weakness.  Cardiac muscle weakness is caused by self destruction of the heart muscle through stress-based fee radicals.   The destroyed muscle tissue is replaced by scarred connective tissue incapable of a muscle contraction and also unable to maintain a steady heart rhythm. The heart loses its muscular strength and those afflicted are short of breath at the slightest physical effort.  In this situation the bioflavonoids in the spices remove stress radicals and protect the heart from self destruction and infection.

White pepper is an aromatic white fruit with a wonderful aroma.  This hot spice mixture stimulates the circulation of the mucous membranes and thereby supports a good and complete digestion.  Greekhay spice contains hormone-like steroid hormones from the type diosgemin and dioscin, which refresh the level of hormones and have anti-inflammatory characteristics as a preliminary stage for the body's own cortisol.  Greekhay has been proven to lower raised cholesterol levels and to protect the body from hardening of the arteries.  The heart receives a better circulation and is made stronger.

White pepper, cumin, Greekhay seed powder

Sprinkle to taste on a piece of buttered bread before and after meals.  If there is more heart pain, enjoy more "heart bread."

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