14. Duckweed Elixir

Duckweed elixir is a universal remedy to normalize the body's own immune defense system and to protect one from the almost 20,000 auto-aggression diseases including cancer and rheumatism.  Usually these sicknesses are felt many years before outbreak by characteristic symptoms such as an extreme immunic weakness, heart pain, recurring colds, stomach and intestinal problems and aches and pains everywhere.  Hildegard regards this condition as pre-cancer. 

Duckweed elixir is difficult to make, because it has so many different ingredients. Duckweed itself contains valuable flavonoids which catch free radicals and fatty acids which and can thereby help against infections and rheumatism. Ginger in the duckweed elixir is good for the appetite, encourages the secretion of saliva and digestive juices, promotes digestion and helps against vomiting.  Cinnamon supports the immunic system, is also good for digestion and is especially helpful for diabetes.  It vitalizes, warms and improves circulation.  Sage purifies bad body fluids, helps with infections in the mouth, stomach or intestines and is a big help against gas, diarrhea and night sweat.  Fennel contains bioflavonoids to catch free radicals and natural phyto-estrogen for   disturbances in regulating the hormonal system.  Other very important ingredients in the duckweed elixir are tansy, tormentil, wild mustard and lady's bedstraw.

Drink daily one shot glass first thing in the morning and another one last thing before going to bed.

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