15. Hart`s Tongue Fern Elixir

This is another universal remedy for all inner organs and for regulating disturbances in the hormonal system. With these herbs and spices and a good organic wine you can cook your own tasty elixir to activate and strengthen the function of your liver, lung and pancreas. In this way you can cleanse yourself of putrid fluids, slime and metabolic deposits and thus nurture the function of all organs.


Hildegard writes:
„It is good for the liver, the lung and the guts." (Hildegard associates all the digestive and sexual organs to these three.) „Between the liver and the lung is a close functional connection, because the liver provides the energy for the circulation of the lung."

When a chronic cough does not go away, usually the liver is also at fault. Hart's tongue fern elixir helps immediately and the cough will stop.  Hart's tongue fern elixir has been successfull by regulating disturbances of the hormonal system, for problems due to menstruation or the wish for bearing children or for problems occuring through menopause.

12 g. Hart's tongue fern
40 g. cinnamon sticks
10 g. long pepper
200 g. (10 Tbsp.) skimmed honey
2 quarts organic wine
Cook Hart's tongue fern in wine 5 minutes, add honey and cook again. Finally add cinnamon and long pepper and cook once more. Sieve into clean bottles.

In the first week drink a shot glass after eating. Later drink before and after every meal.

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