7. Parsley Wine

Parsley wine is a universal remedy against cardiac insufficiency, heart failure, poor circulation, weakness, stress-based nervous  heart pain, valve defects and for the detoxification after viral infections in combination with p spice mix.  The drink improves and strenghtens health and well being, therefore you may offer it to your friends as a tasty aperitif.  Parsley wine was the first Hildegard remedy, which Dr. Hertzka (the founder of Hildegard medicine) commissioned the "Rathaus" pharmacy in Constance, Germany, to produce in large quantities.  Since then and because of its beneficial effect for the heart and circulation this drink has begun a triumphal procession around the world.

Hildegard writes:
"Whoever suffers from pain in the heart, spleen or side, drink this wine often (daily) and it will heal him."

Parsley wine (Parsley-honey wine) is a proven effective remedy for rheumatic heart pain or weakness of the heart during flu season.  For any weakness of the heart, especially in old age, try parsley wine first before any medicine is given, for it usually takes care of symptoms without using any chemicals.  Parsley wine is also very helpful for the rehabilitation after a heart attack by removing any residual pain. The essential oils in parsley have a cramp easing influence on the heart and circulatory system.  The french name "piss en lit" refers to its dialytic properties caused by a stimulation of the kidneys through the essential oils.  Boiling honey and wine together produces a heart and circulation strengthening glucoside.

Parsley,  wine,  honey,  wine vinegar Boil 8-10 leaves of parsley, 1 quart organic wine, 2 Tbsp. wine vinegar for 5 minutes.  Add honey and boil again 5 more minutes. Remove foam and sieve back into the wine bottle.

Take 1 shot glass 3 times a day  after meals.  Keep away from children.  This tasty beverage protects and strengthens your weak heart and mobilizes your circulation against stress and exhaustion.

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