9. Fennel Tablets

Fennel is a universal remedy which immediately helps halitosis, body odor, gas, heart burn, the digestion of fatty foods and helps the digestive system after dietary mistakes.  Fennel is one of the few 100% healthy types of vegetables which may even be eaten raw. Fennel cleans the intestines so that slackage may be expelled in a natural way.  Fennel tablets are the anti-acid treatment of Hildegard medicine and alleviate gastrointestinal pains, gastritis and ulcers.

Hildegard writes:
"Even eaten raw fennel does not harm the body in any way. In whatever form one eats fennel, it makes us happy, gives us a good skin color and body odor and promotes good digestion.  Fennel seeds are particularly beneficial to health; they can be added to other remedies. Whoever eats fennel or fennel seeds daily on an empty stomach (we prefer using only fennel tablets), will neutralize bad juices and pus, take away bad breath and brighten the eyes......Whoever eats fried fish or meat and experiences pain because of it, should quickly take fennel and that person will feel better."

Fennel grows as a vegetable and also as a spice.  Here we use the pulverized fennel seeds.  In the herb garden one may also chew the fresh, tasty fennel seeds, but not the dried hard seeds, which could injure the mucous membrane of the mouth.  People who eat fennel will have good karma, i.e. a good charisma, a good body odor, clear eyes and good breath.  One liter of fennel tea daily is better than any chemical deoderant.  Fennel's essential oils are anti-spasmatic, decongestant and cleanse the intestine of irritating gas. The same oils have antiseptic properties, prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria and boost the immune system in its defense against viruses.

Before meals chew 3-5 fennel tablets as needed.  If you wake up at night with hunger pains, you may take 3-5 fennel tablets before going back to bed and you will sleep through the night with no problems.

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