13. Vermouth Elixir

This universal remedy protects the body from hardening of the arteries. The bitter vermouth stimulates the secretion of the mucous membranes, moistening them and removing fatty deposits from the walls of the arteries as in artheriosclerosis.  It is recommended to be taken annually as a seasonal treatment from May to October. Vermouth elixir strengthens the immune system, prevents gastro-intestinal ailments and improves digestion by stimulating saliva and stomach acid production. In the old days vermouth was the preferred drink of artists and vagabonds, because it removes black bile and gives a good mood.  Friends of vermouth report that this treatment helps them get through the cold winter months better and they are less susceptible to colds.  Vermouth mobilizes the immune system and encourages the recovery from diseases, which is why Hildegard praises it as the treatment against all exhaustion.

"Drink vermouth elixir from May to October, every first and third day on an empty stomach before breakfast. I t rids the kidney of weakness and melancholy (black bile), brightens the eyes, strengthens the heart and does not permit the lungs to get sick. It warms the stomach and bowels, cleans the intestines and promotes a good digestion." 

The active substances in vermouth have the following characteristics: anti-spasmatic, carminative, i.e. cleanses the bowels, tones all mucous membranes, anti-infectious, speeds up the passage of food through the stomach and intestine and stimulates the appetite, the immune system and circulation. The bitter parts of vermouth, as well as those of diptam, motivate the mucous membranes to an increased secretion which loosens the deposits in the arteries and thereby protects the circulatory system from hardening of the arteries.

vermouth juice pressed from vermouth plants in the Springtime, organic wine, honey

40 ml. (less than 1/4 cup which is ca. 6o ml.) vermouth juice is poured into 1 quart boiling wine and 1/2 cup of honey, strained immediately and bottled in sterile glass bottles. The vermouth juice should come fresh from the plants in the spring, cut in the early morning during the time of the full moon when the most essential oils are in the leaves.

Every other day take 1 shot glass before breakfast until 6 bottles, a complete treatment, are finished. (3 quarts in all).
Vermouth elixir sold on the market must contain 7% alcohol. You may diminish the level of alcohol to 3% by boiling purchased elixir for an additional 2 minutes and rebottling it.

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